If the fridge has suddenly become noisy, try to ascertain 'where exactly' the noise is coming from, these are possible problems;
1. A fan has failed, check inner fan? check rear fan? If a bearing has gone these will run really loud 
2. The main compressor, if faulty it will make a constant rattling/clunking sound?
3. A fan maybe hitting on something or a bracket could be loose that holds fan, check this first
4. A screw may have come loose somewhere inside or at rear of fridge, this can make a vibrating sound during cooling cycle.

Possible parts needed;
-Inner fan, part number SG1-Fan-Inner, price $99.00, this is German EBM
-Rear fan part number SG1-Fan-Under, price $99.00, this is German EBM
-Compressor, SG1-Compressor, price $189.00, this is LG brand
*Note; A technician would be required for compressor replacement, for all parts and assistance please fill in below info. We have parts always and will assist if unit is 'in' or 'out' of warranty period.

*If your unit is just noisier than expected from NEW, ask us about quiet fan upgrades.
This chart is very helpful.

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