This can be a number of things;
1. Inner fan has stopped working, this will cause unit to only chill to about 8-15oC, and in most cases it will cause the 'evaporator' (which is located behind inner rear wall) to ice up.

2. If this area is iced up but fan is still working, defrost unit overnight and try to run again. If it ices up again you may have a controller problem (which causes the compressor to not turn off), if that is the case the controller needs replacing as the main relay will have blown. When an evaporator is iced up the airflow stops and hence cooling stops.

3. Fan at rear has stopped working, this will cause compressor to get too hot and go out on 'safety overload' before it has a chance to get to set temperature, again, unit will only get to about 8-15oC.

4. Check you havn't placed product too close to rear inner wall, it needs about 2cm gap between the wall and the product.

5. Ensure you have plenty of airflo by having small 2mm gaps between bottles and cans.

6. Worse case scenario is unit is low on gas, a technician is needed to diagnose this.

Remember if putting a full HOT load in the fridge it can take 12hours to fully chill properly.

Possible parts needed;
-Inner fan, part number SG1-Fan-Inner, price $99.00, this is German EBM
-Rear fan part number SG1-Fan-Under, price $99.00, this is German EBM
-Controller part number SG-Controller, price $139.00, model STC600

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